Dental Extractions in Gaithersburg, Silver Spring and Frederick, MD

Dr. Romanow, Dr. Mistry or Dr. Tofigh have many years of experience removing teeth. We will make sure that you understand exactly why the tooth is being removed and how the procedure will affect you specifically.

A tooth may need to be removed for any number of reasons. Some of these reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • dental decay
  • gum disease
  • dental crowding
  • tooth fracture

Many of our patients are referred from their own general dentist for our specialized care. If this is the case, please let our receptionists know when you call to make an appointment so that we can coordinate any information (radiographs,treatment requests, etc.) between our office and your general dentist. However, you are not required to have a referral from a general dentist in order to be seen at our office. If you feel that you require dental treatment, particularly if it is seems to be an emergency, then please feel free to call our office. Most of the time you will be able to make an appointment for the same day you called if you feel that this is necessary. If you would like to schedule at a time more convenient for you than you will be given an appointment time that fits with your schedule. If you would prefer to have a consultation appointment to discuss treatment options we can arrange this as well.

Different anesthesia options are available in our office. This can be discussed with Drs. Romanow, Mistry or Tofigh at your appointment. And if you prefer, consultation appointments are available to discuss treatment options.

There are many different options that you can discuss with your general dentist and with Drs. Romanow, Mistry or Tofigh in regards to replacing your tooth. One common option is a dental implant.

Bone grafting is also sometimes necessary after dental extractions. If this would be indicated for you, Drs. Romanow, Mistry or Tofigh will discuss this with you as it relates to your specific situation.