Your Complete Guide to Wisdom Teeth Extraction

wisdom teeth extraction

Oral surgeons are highly experienced dental professionals that can perform complex dental procedures.


Wisdom teeth extraction is a common dental procedure that many young adults and adults face. These third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, often emerge in the late teen years or early adulthood. While some individuals experience no issues with their wisdom teeth in Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Frederick, others may encounter problems such as impaction, crowding, or infection, making it important to remove them. If you’re considering wisdom teeth extraction, it’s important to be well-informed about the procedure, its benefits, and the expertise of an experienced oral surgeon from Greater Maryland Oral Surgery & Dental Implants. 


What are Wisdom Teeth, and why are They Extracted? 

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. In ancient times, they were necessary for chewing tough foods. However, our diets and our jaw sizes have evolved, sometimes squeezing out the space required for wisdom teeth so they cannot fully erupt. As a result, they may grow at odd angles, partially erupt, or remain trapped beneath the gum line leading to various complications. 


What Complications Can Happen if I Don’t Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted? 

  1. Impaction – When there isn’t enough space for the wisdom teeth to properly erupt, they may become impacted, causing pain, infection, and damage to nearby teeth. 
  2. Crowding – Wisdom teeth can exert pressure on adjacent teeth, causing misalignment or crowding of the existing teeth. 
  3. Infection – Partially erupted wisdom teeth create the perfect conditions for bacteria, leading to infection, swelling, and discomfort in the gums. 
  4. Damage to adjacent teeth – Wisdom teeth that grow at an angle can push against nearby teeth, increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and damage to the surrounding structures. 

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Seeking wisdom teeth extraction from an experienced oral surgeon in Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Frederick offers several advantages for you. By extracting your wisdom teeth, you’ll help to prevent future problems such as pain, infection, tooth damage, and misalignment later in life. Because of their location, wisdom teeth can also be challenging to clean properly. This makes them more susceptible to decay and gum disease. Extraction allows for better access to the back of your mouth, allowing you to better clean the back of your teeth and reducing your risk of other oral health issues. 


Wisdom teeth can also cause pain and discomfort when they are erupting or trying to erupt from your gum line. They can also cause pain through infection or pressure on your adjacent teeth. Extraction will provide immediate relief and improve your overall oral comfort. By removing these problematic wisdom teeth, you will protect the health and integrity of your surrounding teeth, gums, and jawbone. 


The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

If you know you need your wisdom teeth removed in Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Frederick, it’s important to know all the steps in the process. First, you’ll have a consultation with our oral surgeons at Greater Maryland Oral Surgery & Dental Implants. They specialize in taking care of situations like wisdom teeth extraction and will know how to tailor a treatment plan and procedure for you. During your consultation, your oral surgeon will evaluate your health, take X-rays or other imaging tests, and discuss the best course of action based on your individual situation. This will also include anesthesia options and which is most suitable for you. 


Before the day of your extraction, your oral surgeon will provide specific pre-operative instructions which may include what and what not to eat before your procedure, as well as how to adjust any medications you are taking. 


During your wisdom teeth extraction procedure in Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Frederick, your oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum tissue if necessary, remove any bone that blocks access to the tooth, and carefully extract the wisdom teeth. In some cases, the tooth may need to be divided into smaller pieces for easier removal. Once the extraction is complete, the incision will be stitched up. 


Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure that can help to alleviate the pain and future problems of wisdom teeth eruptions. While some general dentists are qualified to perform wisdom teeth extractions, your oral surgeon at Greater Maryland Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is a dental specialist who has advanced training and expertise specifically in oral surgery. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or if you have another issue that you feel would need to be seen by our oral surgeons, please schedule your consultation with us today.